How to Reset Kindle 3

The kindle 3 is a third generation kindle and only take a couple of minutes to reset. There are several ways to reset the kindle 3, which depends on what type of issue you have.

Note: There is no reset button for the Kindle 3

Forgotten Password Reset

If for some reason you manage to forget you kindle 3 password. You can easy reset it to a new password by just following a few instructions.

First you need to press/slide the power and release it immediately so that the Kindle will turn OFF and go to a Sleep mode. Wait for it to ask for a password. When it does, type in, "resetmykindle." It should reboot your Kindle and reset you password.

Soft and Hard Reset

To reset the Kindle 3 to its factory default settings and make it responsive again, all you need to do is press and hold the power button for 15-30 seconds and wait for the Kindle 3 to reboot. That should reset the Kindle 3 for you.