Kindle Reset Procedures

This website is entirely dedicated to providing accurate information and instructions on how to properly reset the Amazon Kindle. Resetting the Amazon kindle is easy. All you have to do is follow the some simple steps and you're good to go. Feel free to browse through the site for your kindle reset procedure throughout the entire page. Make sure you select the correct version of your kindle. We will updating this website accordingly as Amazon releases new kindle releases.

Issues Fixed by Hard/Soft Resetting the Kindle

There several issues than can be fixed by resetting the kindle. The following issues can be fixed by resetting the Kindle.

Locked up, Frozen and Unresponsive Kindle - This is by far the most common problem that may happent o your kindle. That is why it is imporant to know how to fix a frozen kindle, so as not to waste valuable time and money trying to call technical support for an easy to fix problem which you can do yourself.

Disappearing eBooks - Some Books in your Kindle Suddenly Disappeared from your list. However you are certain that you have it inside you kindle. This issue can also be fixed by doing a Soft or hard reset in your Kindle.

Wifi Issues - If you have Wifi problems on your Kindle, try resetting it. We have actually seen wifi issues being fixed through a reset.

Deleting User Data - Resetting your Kindle also deletes all user data such as login credentials, password reset, furthest page read, etc. So if you have a lot of user information stored, you can actually delete it all at once by reset you Kindle.

Resetting to Factory Defaults - Resetting a Kindle will restore the Kindle to its Factory defaults, just like what you see the on the Kindle when you open the box. This is also called a factory reset.

There a lot more issues that can be fixed by a Kindle Reset. We recommend that you reset you kindle first and see it fixes the issue. Please locate the link for the reset procedure and instructions for your Kindle below.

How to Reset the Kindle 1

Kindle 1Kindle 1 is the first generation Kindle. It normally encounter issues from time to time. However, it can be fixed by a resetting your Kindle. We have written a comprehensive guide on how to reset the Kindle 1. This guide will show you how to properly and safely reset your kindle. Note that this will restore you kindle to Factory defaults which may lose your data and passwords. Make sure you have a backup of your files before proceeding. Read more...

How to Reset the Kindle 2

Kindle 2The Kindle 2 is a second generation Kindle. It is an improved version of the Kindle 1. There are times that you need to reset and restore to the factory settings of your Kindle 2. Resetting the Kindle 2 is usually applicable to unresponsive and frozen devices, and lost data/passwords. There are several steps to do this, and it should not take you 5 minutes to do so. Also make sure to backup all your important data and files before proceeding with the reset procedure. Read more...

How to Reset the Kindle 3 a.k.a Kindle KeyBoard

Kindle3Kindle 3 is a third generation kidle and is also called as the Kindle Keyboard. It has wifi built-in and is prone to wifi issues, which can be fixed through resetting the Kindle to its factory defaults. It is still prone to frozen and unresponsive states which occurs at a centain and upredictable manner. The reset procedure is fairly easy and it is important for you to know this process for your device specially when you are travelling. Read more...

How to Reset the Kindle Dx

Kindle DxThe Kindle Dx is a fourth generation kindle which has 9.7" screen and is 3.7" wider that the Kindle 2. It has also a larger storage which is capable of 3500 books stored. Having a huge capacity, it is prone to system hangups and becomes frozen or unresponsive. This is due to the device scanning the entire media or ebook database and for some reason has encountered an error and could no longer recover. This issue can be fixed through a reset of the Kindle. Read more...

How to Reset the Kindle Touch

Kindle TouchThe Kindle Touch is a fourth generation Kindle and the fist Kindle to have a touch screen naviagtion. This has been a great advancement for the device however this feature also came with several software issues that causes the unit to hang and not resepond. A frozen Kindle touch can be fixed by resetting, though your creadentials and data may be lost through the entire process. Read more.

How to Reset the Kindle Fire

Kindle FireThe Kindle Fire is a forth generation kindle. It is has a touch screen interface and is the only kindle that has a full color display. The software is also based from the Android OS and is probably the most stable Kindle on the market. This is a fairly new kindle, and there have been reports that it still encounters the famous Kindle frozen and unresponsive issue. Troubleshooting such issue is still the same as its older counter parts, and can be fixed through a reset procedure on your kindle. Make sure you make a backup of your files. Read more.